Peas: ( Green and Yellow Peas):

The peas are most common spherical seed of the pod fruit. The majorly two type of peas consumed in India are Green Peas and Yellow Peas. The only major difference is the color between them. It is a cool season crop grow in many parts of the world. The average pea weights from 0.1- 0.36 gms . India is a consumer and importer of peas from all over. The major producing countries are: Canada, USA, Argentina and Ukraine.


Peas are usually cooked and steamed or boiled . In India peas are mostly processed as split in dry form and split peas are mostly cooked as “Pulse Dhal” Pea soups are also eaten in many parts of world including Europe, Russia, Iran, Iraq, and India.

Name : Green and Yellow Peas
Common Name : Peas, Matar, Vatana


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